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I made sure my joystick was set up to toggle reverse thrust. It does not work for the default 747-400. I also did shift + / on the keyboard. They were the keyboard keys that could toggle reverse thrust in X-Plane 10. I assume it is the same keys in X-Plane 11. Is it a known issue that reverse thrust cannot be toggled in X-Plane 11.00pb3?
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I have the same problem, flying the 747-800i and 737-800 in XP 11

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Can't seem to reverse the aircraft using reverse thrusters

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No, this is not a known bug in the sim. I checked and it appears to be aircraft specific. The 737 responds to toggling reverse thrust as expected.


ETA: bug report filed.
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I probably should have worded my question better. "Is it a known issue that reverse thrust cannot be toggled in X-Plane 11.00pb3?". What I meant: Is it a known bug with the default 747-400, that reverse thrust cannot be toggled in X-Plane 11.00pb3?. You answered what I really meant anyway, thanks. So did you file a bug report?
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I filed a bug report against the 747 since reverse thrust does not work with it.

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