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I've noticed that frames start droping on cruise. After flying for 7 hours my frames dropped to less than 20, I've started with 50 fps. My cpu is 6700 3.84 MHz and 32 gb memory on board. I'm using nvidia gtx 970 with latest drivers and I'm running x11.01rc2. After turning off switches in central tank and stab switches L an R in both cases, overhead panel, my frames recovered to 32. I don't know if this is a problem referring to programming or to the script controling avionics (xlua).

I hope this helps to somebody and if anyone knows a solution please let me know.


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Hi, I get the same problem, just after 4 hours of flight and it goes to about 1 fps (but I also don't start on 50 a lot of the time). However inconvenient, and its not really a fix, but the only thing I've found to solve this, and still stay in flight is to reload the current aircraft from one of the drop down menus on the top left of the screen. Sadly you will have to restart your engines and reload a flight plan, along with other small configurations, however it does mean you don't need to restart the flight. Other than that I cant find a fix, sorry.
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In my case, I could solve this issue turning off stab switches when they become yellow. This action push my frames up without reloading the plane. I find this useful while flying online.

Now I have x-plane 11.02rc2 but this problem continues. I don't understand why this wasn't solved yet.

Does any one know if there is another version of this plane,  like zibo's mod for b738? That would solve a lot of problems meanwhile LM corrects the bugs in this plane.
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If you switch off Xlua plugin the frame rate returns, but you have no interior displays or controls working.
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Hi MarceloF,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

When you run X-Plane 11 and during the initial boot-up, there should be an option to check for updates.  If you say yes it should then upgrade the software to version 11.11.  This version is the latest official, supposedly "bug free" version.  Try it.  It may fix your problem.

Unless you are into trying Beta versions don't tick or say yes for that option.  If you do it may overide other files that currently give you a reasonable stable situation.

Good luck with the update

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the problem still exists in xp11.34 - the B747 after 5 hrs flight FPS drops to 9 in my case.