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I've tried on several occasions uninstalling and re-installing the scenery files for Australia (X-Plane 11 Digital Download version) but cannot get past waterworld for Sydney and the greater Sydney area. I get an error message as X-Plane starts up telling me that there's a problem with Global scenery.  I'm wondering if any of the scenery files in XP 10 can be used in XP 11 as there are no problems with the area when in XP 10.  Either that or is there an easier way to get the missing scenery files other than using the x-Plane 11 installer as it really does not seem to work.

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It is a known bug that there is no scenery for Sydney in the beta so far. That will be fixed when scenery is recut in a later update. X-Plane 10 scenery is not compatible with X-Plane 11.
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There IS scenery for the area surrounding Sydney, but the region from S34.025 (Kurnell) in the South to E151 (Bankstown) in the West, and to about Newcastle (S33) in the North is missing - including the airport and CBD.

Will be great to have the missing 'piece' implemented soon :)