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How can I add in the settings to avoid water world?

In the Maps I used to see in the 9.0 version the global scenery.

Have I missed something during installation?

Would like to add by downloading more airports. I just downloaded certain areas initially!
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I probably should start my updater file that can be found on xplane website.

Here we go!

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If you have full version of X-Plane (not Demo), Insert the first X-Plane DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and wait for it to spin up, and in section "Select Scenery"  select the scenery you would like to install. Depending on the installer on your disc, either all of the world or none of it will be selected by default. An unselected tile will appear bleached in color, while a selected tile will have its full color (as all tiles do in the image to the right). You can read more about it here.