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Hey, I tried out the XP11 demo and it ran perfect so i purchased the beta. It was running fine for a while then XP11 told me there was an update to install (which I did thinking it would be stability fixes etc) Now I cant load a new flight as I get the error below. Something to do with GLSL pixel shaders.



My specs are above the recommended specifications to run.

i7 4770k @4.4 ghz


GTX 1070 with the latest drivers.

Any ideas?

0:00:53.095 E/SYS: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
0:00:53.095 E/SYS: | There was a problem processing a GLSL pixel shader.
0:00:53.095 E/SYS: | You may need to rerun the installer or update your graphics drivers.
0:00:53.095 E/SYS: | Resources/shaders/terrain_vert.glsl
0:00:53.095 E/SYS: | Resources/shaders/terrain_frag.glsl
0:00:53.095 E/SYS: | (OGL_shader.cpp:781)


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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i am getting the same error messages on both my pc's where i have tried to run..


intel i 7 and  gtx 970m video..

12 gb ram


i have the latest drivers....
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Same problem for me (NVIDIA 970 Video Card with current driver)
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I have same problem (GTX 660 TI latest driver).
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This was not caught during internal testing, but we have received tons of reports of this. PB4 has been pulled from the servers.

Run the installer and pick "update" to roll back to PB3 and continue using X-Plane 11.
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I am a Canadian customer Installer update does not give me option to install PB3
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At this point, 11.10 is final. If you are not already using the latest, X-Plane should auto prompt you to update. You can also download the latest installer from the website and simply run it to update to 11.10.
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It did auto prompt me to update this is what got me in trouble - X-plane was running just fine until I hit the auto update prompt to 11.10 Now I get a GLSL Pixel Shader Error

Graphic card GTX-1080 with latest drivers
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Be sure to send a bug report & attach the log.txt. We did not see any of these errors in the last few weeks of beta testing so it is very surprising to see it pop back up now.