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ERROR - File format not work on XP-11 = ??? = will it work ?


In the directorys readMe-file says:

"Place newer navigational data for the global database in THIS folder.
If you want to replace any of X-Plane's

with newer data, then place them HERE IN THIS FOLDER to avoid conflicts with the X-Plane updater.

Note that this database is also used by X-Plane’s GPS and previously needed files in other subfolders are now ignored.
Also, you can place the FAACIFP18 file here, which you can get from the FAA website:
If the file FAACIFP18 is found in this folder, X-Plane will load instrument flight procedures from this file."

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I added the FAACIFP file to the folder and did not encounter any problems using X-Plane. My folders are: X-Plane > Custom Data > CIFP_201701 and the files are within that last folder. If you continue to have problems please file a bug with more specific steps. Be sure to include a copy of the log.txt and the file you have problems with, details about where you installed it and where exactly you have the error.
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XP 11 Fail, error message added, see screendump txt

. Placed in the "Custom Data" directory.

FAACIFP added to

Where should I post "Bug-report!, here? or otherwhere?

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XP 11 do not start with the file added, maybe i should have told ;)

On both W7 and w10.


If I (jus for fun) edit and change the version number inside the file (not recommended) from 1701 to 1611, xp start, but this is not a good way, probably new problems and definitely not correct.