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I'm pretty new on X-Plane 10, coming from XP 9. When I try to file a flight plan, I give up the usual dates as departure code, arrival code and flight level in the mask and hit "File". After that, I was used to hit return again and choose "Pick up Flight plan" to start the process with flight control. Now, when I hit return again, I choose "request clearance". After that I'm receiving Squak and that's it. How ca I can go further? I tried on all frequencies but I got nowhere an option for clearances for taxiing or take-off. What did I do wrong?


Thank you in advance for your kind support.

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As easily as I can explain it can be seen in these 5 snapshots.  

1) open the file flight plan window by hitting "enter" on your keyboard.

2) enter the airport code where your plane currently is sitting, the requested altitude, and the arrival airport; along with any waypoints you have decided on.

3) On the "special" tab, open "toggle nearby controllers" to get the needed frequencies.

4) hit "enter" or click on the button for clearance on the ATC window.

5) Make sure you "squak" the proper code, or else ATC will keep asking for it over and over.  

Hope this helps, and I hope the screenshots are helpful.


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Thank you very much. Meanwhile I could find also a helpful video here:

I understood, that it is necessary to call the right frequency on atc and that you have to do the things in the right order AND always read back transmissions, right? But now I have this:

1. Positioned the plane right on the beginning of the runway 

2. File a flight plan from EDDL to EDDF

3. Request Clearence from ATC

4. Received answer "a gate hold is in effectice for a runway change. Please stand by." (Screenshot)

5. Readback Transmission "We'll sit tight - C-FXCK"

And than.....nothing...... No new command, no clearance, no squak.... any idea? What do I have to do next? And is it possible to start the process on the runway, without taxiing?


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Either you have too many AI planes flying around, or you are flying real weather and there is a weather change.  X-Plane 10 only updates the weather once an hour, so you may be trying to take off too close to the "time change".

As to the AI aircraft, you have to wait your turn until every plane takes off or lands.

Try setting your weather to "calm" until you are up in the air, then you can change it to whatever you want in XP 10.  

Limit the number of AI aircraft to one or two and then adjust them back up after you take off (aircraft-aircraft and situations- other aircraft)  then you can adjust them upwards again after you are airborne.  

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