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I don't see a way to end a flight and start a new one without quitting XP11 entirely and restarting. I get the option to load a flight but not to go create a new one or even go to the flight school section. Am I missing something? This seems like a very basic thing to do.


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From dropdown menu select File > Main Menu
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You need to go in the top of the screen, which will show that menu bar if your cursor is on it, and click i believe "Flight' --> "Edit Flight" then you can change everything from place to aircraft to the weather, thats the way to end a flight and start a new one.
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When going to the main menu from an active flight, the Flight option does not provide an Edit -> Flight, only an Edit -> Configuration. Then selecting this, provides only Resume Flight options, unless you change the plane, then a New Flight option appears.

As options should allow to fly without having to Save the flight, going from an active flight to the main menu, only allows Saving a Flight to end it option. Why the Main Menu, when leaving an active flight, doesn't have an "End Flight" and a "New Flight" option is amazing.

Having to Quit X-plane and restart, wiithout having to go through a quagmire, sure makes flying and quitting much more difficult than it should be.
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"Land Your Airplane"


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File -> Main Menu -> Flight Configuration -> Change Location -> Start New Flight

You don't have to actually change your location, it will default to the last one you chose.
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When I start new flight G1000 still thinks I am on approach, even though I landed.  All my fuel is still gone all nav properties from the last flight still in the G1000.  I Just want to start fresh with a new flight.  Config 0 or neutral.  Is there a way or is this a glitch?

 Maybe I need to PHONE ATC and cancel my IFR.. :-)

How do you just reset the aircraft NAv G1000 to nothing?  Is there a switch/command for this?