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My x-plane 11 show only water !!!! I did download the Scenerys 7 times and after many hours of download only KSEA is available and the rest   still water !!!! in the global Scenery  it show 23GB  can you help me please !!!


My system is  WINDOWS 7  INTEL R CORE TM CPU [email protected] GHz 3.07GHz

RAM 8.00GB   64-BIT

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I had the same problem. I had to first remove all the scenery and then re-download everything again (yes, it is a pain). And if I add scenery later I sometimes the issue comes back, but remember it is stil BETA.


1) Open Installer and remove everything.

2) Close the Installer.

2) Open Installer and re-download everything once again. Never go back to update the scenery.