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I purchased the X-Plane 11 Beta and I am wondering if once the full version is released, will there be more Airplanes? Scenarios? Tutorials? Flight school training? than what is now part of the Beta version?

I mean, I like it and I think the flight realism is good, but I thought there would be a complete flight school much like there was in FSX and I thought that there would be some scenarios as well. WRT scenarios, I believe there were some in X-Plane 10 (I never played earlier versions of X-Plane) such as landing and taking off a carrier and reentry from space but I do not see any of that in the Beta version of 11.

Also, I am trying to to find a world map with all the airports to be accessed in the game while flying but can't seem to find it. I found the map (M key) but it is limited to local area close to where you are flying. If my destination is on the other side of the ocean, or anything remotely away from where I am, I cannot see it.

Another thing I can't seem to find is how to submit a flight plan before departure. I can use the GPS to enter Direct route from the cockpit to an another airport but I can't seem to find how to submit a flight plan per se during flight preparation.


The final thing I want to bring up is when I try to save a flight. It seems like it is saving as a replay video. How do I save a flight if I want to simply save a the end of the flight so that I can start from there for my next session.

Hopefully all these things will be part of the full version once it is released. But again, maybe it is already there and I just do not know how to get to it.


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Try this site. It list all of X Planes airports in the world.

Hope this helps
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This is the official Laminar (X-Plane) description of the Beta Program.  Hope this helps.