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Newly set up BizonBox 3 w/ NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti.  MacBook Pro 2016 interfaced via Thunderbolt 3 to Bizonbox 3.  I have X-Plane 11 configured at about 80% of its rendering capability, and I am observing slightly under 20 fps when the ground is visible (35 when in the clouds).

Do you believe the limitation may be the CPU vs the GPU?  Or if I go even higher (GTX TITAN 12Gb VRAM) that I will get better results?  I do like using the laptop rather than getting a separate computer, but would appreciate feedback.

NOTE:  The application crash with X-Plane 11 w/ the BizonBox3 evidently was resolved.  After the latest beta update, it is no longer crashing.



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What does the FPS display under GPU and CPU?  The one with the larger value is the one holding things back.