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For the community, I am submitting my results after installing and exercising the BizonBox3 w/ a MacBook Pro 2016, 2.9Ghz,. 16Gb, Radeon Pro ... and in the BizonBox3 is an NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti, 6Gb VRAM.  Monitor is an LG 34" ultra-wide curved display 3440 x 1440 resolution.  XP 11 is configured to about 80% rendering intensity.  XP 11 configured at 3440 x 1440 resolution.  Performance below is the same whether HDMI or DisplayPort used between the GTX 980 Ti and the monitor.

Averaging 22-25fps via GTX 980 Ti

Crawls at 7-8fps without the BizonBox3 and GTX 980 Ti to the monitor.

The folks at Bizon-Tech indicate that the GTX TITAN would only provide 2-4% more performance, and advised to wait until XP11 is past beta before considering any further investment in graphics.

So you ask why on earth am I using my MBPro 2016 for this purpose.  It was a fun experiment and technical challenge to see what the result of the above configuration would do.  I can bump the rendering down to 50% mid-range, and the Radeon Pro 460 will yield 22-23fps.

Hope this is of interest to the community.

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