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You have several programs and I do not know which is best fior my system. I have lots on memory and lots of disk space.

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The CPU I would look for is the latest I7 7th gen mainly the 7700K (don't quote me on the name-refer to Intel) since its base clock is 4.0 ghz with a max clock of 4.5

It starts at $340 I think
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Logistically, you do not need to get a top-tier CPU if that is out of budget. But if you would like X-Plane 11 to be adequately run on higher settings, I would certainly recommend an i5 or i7 CPU (preferably of the more recent generations) capable of at least 3.5GHz. 

Currently, I am using an Intel i7 4790k (4th Generation) with a base clock of 4.0GHz (overclockable to 4.4GHz), and it performs quite nicely with X-Plane. But please do note that equally, if not more important than selection a CPU is selecting a quality GPU (graphics card), as X-Plane can, in many areas, rely on the GPU more than the CPU. The Nvidia GTX 10 series and the newer AMD graphics cards offer more affordable HIGH quality performance. 

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