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I know this is a beta mode, but noticed that my San Diego KSAN airport and KLAS (Las Vegas) airport are very sparse in airport scenery, wanted to know if this will be filled in with more patches/updates or do I need to buy add-ons to complete the real airport?   Both are missing many buildings, updated runway textures, and so on.   Thx.

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We depend largely on volunteers to submit enhanced scenery to the Airport Scenery Gateway, which then goes into the default scenery updates. KSAN only has one submission. (WEDbot indicates an upload from auto created X-Plane scenery which typically only has the runways and some pavement.) KLAS has no accepted user submitted scenery. 

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As you know, Jennifer, they are very complex and limited thru the approved 3D items.  Jan Vogel may have them on his "to do list".  MrX6 does a great job on them, available at .Org.  Matt
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KLAS is currently on Julian's to do list, so we should have a nice airport there soon.