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I am using office.fac, hangar.fac and warehouse.fac a lot in the different updates I'm uploading on the gateway.

But I think there is not enough flexibility in their height settings, and sometimes the result is unexpected (a greater height could make an office smaller).

You can check the pictures on this link :

The first one shows the settings in WED, the second one shows the result in XP11pb10, but it was the same in XP10 whatever version (and XP9 also, as far as I remember).

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I agree 100%, Guillaume.  More flexibility is needed in adjusting the height of facades in WED.  Jennifer, is this being considered?

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We are aware that there is a need for a lot of improvements in scenery assets. We hope to give some artist time to this after X-Plane 11.00 is final. I think we are aware of this specific issue as it is mentioned in this bug.