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1. purchased and downloaded and played well
2. tried to update many times, all failed in the end. This dialog appears many times during the update, each time I clicked on "continue" button.


Then the following dialog appeared.


3. then I am unable to run xplane.exe normally,being told files missing.  I followed the instructions to update , the result is the same as mentioned above.



Now I cannot run xplane and do not know what to do. there is no "repair" function in the installer.




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Do you have the latest version of the installer? Otherwise I suggest you file a bug report here..

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The log shows you have installed X-Plane to the C: root folder. This is not recommended as it can cause permission issues. We recommend installing to the desktop, and you can read more about how to fix this here.

Try moving X-Plane first then running the installer and picking the "update" option to replace missing default files.