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I am a private pilot.

When I am in real flight, taxi will not be difficult even if it exceeds 30kt.

In addition, the airplane is influenced by the wind when stopped, it does not turn the nose toward the windward side. X-plane 11 the wind effect on the ground of is too severe.

I hope improvement it.
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It appears as though this is still an issue.

I have spent a good 2 hours troubleshooting my hardware (5 Nov 17) to confirm it was all calibrated correctly. Then moved on and spent 1 hour testing various settings in XP11 till i noticed that the aircraft would straighten out once it got to a certain heading. Then I tested taking off and landing into a head wind and found that I did not have to max out my left rudder just to stay on the runway.

The version I am using is 11.05

I have also posted on the thread below

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In pb10 there was a real problem with that. In pb11 the problem is solved.
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pb11 isn't public yet... so why is it called pb... lol


Edit.. just checked pb11 "is public" but not listed on the Release Notes...
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Thank you reply.

I tried it, but it let me down. I am looking forward to the next update.