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While trying to play on winds to test my flows for a future release of LFRD on the gateway, I noticed that a 20kts wind made it impossible to keep a direction during taxi on grass. (C172)

Today, with XP11.0pb10, and the same laminar C172, a friend of mine (leisure pilot too) tested the simulator and had the same impression as me, that a 10kts wind was generating too much constraints on the aircraft when taxying on the ground.

When cruising, we could also notice that we were drifting by 15°, where we would have expected 5° in full cross wind : cruising speed of 120 kts, wind set to 10 kts up to 3000ft.

Thank you very much for all your fantastic work.

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It appears as though this is still an issue.

I have spent a good 2 hours troubleshooting my hardware (5 Nov 17) to confirm it was all calibrated correctly. Then moved on and spent 1 hour testing various settings in XP11 till i noticed that the aircraft would straighten out once it got to a certain heading. Then I tested taking off and landing into a head wind and found that I did not have to max out my left rudder just to stay on the runway.

The version I am using is 11.05

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Maximum wind correction angle is 60 / TAS * wind speed, 60/120 * 10 = 5 degrees

So indeed should have been 5 degrees, not 15 degrees.
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I now checked on pb11 with wind fully cross at 20 kts and flying 120 kts on an ILS localizer steady at 2000 ft AGL with a Piper Archer 28: wind correction angle is indeed 10 degrees as it should be.

So if there was a problem it looks to be solved.
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Indeed, although there is no such fix mentionned, It now seems to be all solved in beta11. I do not know who fixed it and how, but thank you so much for your prompt correction!!