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XP11 crashes when I try to enter an ICAO code when filing a flight plan in the "to" section.  I can only enter 3 letters at most as well.  Once I try to enter any letters the program locks up and stops responding and crashes.  It was working fine earlier on the same day after a few flights.

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Try entering with the touch pad instead of with the keyboard.  That may help.  Let me know.
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I have 2 computers that run XP11.  The Master I use is a desktop and the Extended Visual is a laptop.  

I went back and checked the laptop, running it independently as the Master,  to see if it was doing the same thing and it appears to be working fine when I used the keyboard and the touch pad to enter the letters. I was able to file a flight plan and it does not crash.  

I went back to the desktop and used it as the Master, without using the laptop for Extended Visuals and tried to enter the letters again.  Now I cannot enter any letters in the section at all, not even showing up when I try to enter them, and then subsequently the program freezes and crashes.

Thank you.