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is there any way to get a printable version of all game command, especially aircraft commands?

I experience huge difficulties finding the engine ad surface commands, as I'm a new user.

Thx in advance for any useful answers!



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You can find keyboard shortcuts in X-Plane 11/Output/preferences/X-Plane Keys.prf file.
Note that it is not necessary to try and remember all of the keyboard shortcuts. Instead, many of them are shown in the menus when flying. You can read more about configuring keyboard shortcuts here.

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Thanks a lot ScruffyBaton4!

What i find a bit difficult is to "translate" some of the commands, mainly those related to flight_controls for notebook without "numpad" or "mouse"...

Any good suggestion?

Thx a lot again in advance!

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You can change it by selecting Settings > Keyboard > Currently Assigned