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Can I have some help here please? I'm using a brand new iMac 21.5" with an Intel Iris 6200 Pro graphics card and 8GB ram, straight out of the box. The game is on the default settings. I have an X-52 joystick. The only thing extra is the X-tracker plug-in, which I've now removed. I get sound but no screen. I know this is a Beta version but at the moment it's no good to me and it's no good to you guys at LR.

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My first suggestion would be to run the installer and pick the update option to see if any default files are missing or broken. Also make sure X-Plane is not installed to the Applications folder which can cause permissions issues.

IF neither of these things helps, attach a copy of the installer log.txt or log.txt.

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Moved it out of the applications folder (I would never have thought of that). It now works. Thank you.

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