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Personally I find aircraft Failures a pain in the neck.  Is there a way to disable them permanently for all aircraft, rather than doing it every time I load a plane?

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Are you asking about XP10, or XP 11?  For XP11, I believe you click on"flight", then "edit failures" in the top pop-up menu, make sure all settings (world, aircraft, instruments etc.) are at zero, and click on the box at the bottom to set global mean time between failures to 10, 000 hours.  That should give you 10,000 hours of sim time before failures randomly pop up again.  If they do show up, click on the "fix all systems" button and try again.  

I do not work for Laminar, so this is not an official answer.  Just my idea on how to fix your problem.  

If you are referring to XP 10, answer in the comments and we will try to help with that Sim.   Matt