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I am working on a design project and we are having a hard time having the simulator follow x plane as it sends out the aircraft pitch and roll angles. Is there a way to use a digital gyroscope such as a MPU6050 and use that data to control the aircraft as the simulator moves instead? I would like to have the simulator at 20 degrees right turn and then x plane mimics the 20 degree turn.

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It can be done... if you know how to code it. If not you can make it with pieces of software done by others and try to use for your convenience. for example this software can take input from a gyroscope (it can be from a cellphone via udp or from headtrackers done with arduino..) and create a virtual joystick with those inputs.Remember that gyroscopes have precession and normally use some magnetometer to sync it.


But I don't understand your idea, using a gyroscope as joystick inputs might be erratic and simply doesn't make sence. Would you explain why you think you need it this way?