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Hi! I have recently started using the Hotas X joystick and what i wanted to do is control the camera zoom with the slider which it's in the back side of the throttle. But what happens is that as soon as you press it it looks to set the zoom level to maximum, so you have to maintain it pressed in order to go back to the normal zoom view. It seems to be correctly calibrated, is this some kind of bug beta-related or this "throttle-slider" has never worked on Xplane before?


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I think this behavior is functions as designed, unfortunately. The behavior when the zoom command is assigned to an axis requires you to have the axis deflected fully to get a "normal" zoom level, which is not really easy to maintain constantly while flying. If you were able to assign the zoom function to a slider axis (like the throttle control itself), it would work like you desire.
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Yep, this seems to be the problem, by defult Xplane sets the level to 0, but when you press it and release, it goes to full and then 50%, and stays there instead of going back to 0. I have tried calibrating it but still nothing. Would be great if this were fixed in the future. Thanks for  answering!