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In X-Plane 11 I keep trying to do a 737 flight of Khou to Kmem and the sim keeps crashing somewhere around the time i am ready to go (never crashes at a specific time, not a certain switch will do it, there is something a bit deeper). I looked into my log and it said [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}.

I had downloaded reahade and attempted to install it, but it wouldnt work so I uninstalled it, and I had the CYTZ and KDCA custom scenery but had uninstalled it, the only custom thing I have now is a Soutwest Airlines scheme, please help
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I had the same thing i had no addons installed, I played on 1920x1080 if i change my resolution to a lower one i don't crash anymore. I hope this helps

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Please upload the entire log file. Unfortunately, [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE] can refer to nearly anything, from X-Plane itself to actual third party plugins. You should also try removing ALL plugins to see if it stops happening.
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I have the same problem. I removed plugins from Resources/plugins except the plugins I thought are part of X-Plane 11.  X-Plane still crashes.

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I cannot seem to upload any explanitary image without my text been wiped out. If I try without text then the image gets temporarily uploaded but when I press Add comment, I see in red writing a message that I need some text besides the image but I cannot type anything. There seems to be nowhere to type. No cursor or anything. Cannot type over the red message text.

Edit: the cause of my problem was openning the Questions and Answers page from a chromium link to it, on my desktop. Somehow the link wasn't openning the full chromium browser resources.

I tried to delete this comment but could not so just edited it for explanation.
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Here is my log. It mentions second line from the bottom. "Loaded: /home/greg/X-Plane_11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/Boeing B737-800/plugins/xlua/64/lin.xpl (com.x-plane.xlua.1.0.0b1)" Then on next line crashed.

imageDownload file


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I hate that you made that long comment, vut I just reinstalled X-plane
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I wanted to delete it but there was no way. It was longer because of that when I had to explain why I made it. Anyway the first with the image might help us both with a solution.
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There is a lot of custom scenery in this log as well. Does removing that (and any other add ons) help? If the automatic crash reporter comes up, please be sure to send the report (a Windows only feature though).

The default files in the plug in folder are:

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I removed all custom scenery, libraries and overlays. I also removed the CustomSBDatarefs004 folder so it looks similar to the image you posted. X-Plane 11.015pb still crashed but it took much longer, until I was nearly about to land at destination airport.