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I tried moving the X-Plane 11 folder from the Applications folder but this did not work...

I have a 2015 13" MacBook Pro w/ 2.9ghz i5, 8gb Ram Iris 6100 GPU.

I can run 4X SSAA (very slowly) but any HDR AA option that includes FXAA leaves my screen black.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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Hi Rob,

So far LR has not been able to reproduce this we've filed a bug for further investigation later on, but for now please work around this by turning off HDR or FXAA.
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Thank you for looking into this. The fact that you cannot reproduce this issue suggests to me there is hope!  The driver that comes with macOS Sierra is what it is and I do not believe  I can update it. I will continue to look for a fix... Thanks again!

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I installed Bootcamp and Windows 10 on my computer, Installed XP11 and did not get the FXAA black screen!  I now believe the issue has to do with the Intel driver that is pushed with macOS Sierra.