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On approach to LOWI I was told to descend and maintain 7000. B-I-G mistake. This lead me to crash into a mountain. My altimeter is set correctly.

imageDownload file - log.txt attached

Why does this happen?

(Then it is a bit funny that I'm given a dialog saying I have violated the ATC's instructions beyond acceptable tolerance).
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Wow, having the same issue and was stunned to see the response below.   I assumed that the ATC would be reasonably real world so I could train.
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Bought this thinking it was the most advanced simulator - how wrong was I? ATC just flew me straight into the mountains around Nice inbound to LFMN. And yesterday it flew me into the ground on the approach to Manchester EGCC. Am I doing something wrong or is this simulator not as clever as it is being advertised? Really disappointed so far - might go back to FSX or P3D
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+1 on that.


I have the same problem.

ATC is seemingly completely disconnected from reality in this game.

Coming from MS FS world, I find this extremely disappointing.
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+1  KSLC approach from BYI (North). Flying in severe thunderstorms (extremely low visibility) and ATC instructs me to descend and maintain 8,000...directing me straight into a mountain. The agony of finally approaching your destination and getting to land...cut short by ATC and a mountain.

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The short answer is that X-Plane's ATC is not actually very smart. I'm not sure that it's actually aware of topography and we hear about this a lot. So my best advice is to take its instructions with a grain of salt, and follow what your common sense would have you do.
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Is there a way to set the elevation so that the ATC works?  I'm in the mountains of Colorado and work with my local airports, Eagle and Aspen so that I can better learn mountain instrument flying.  What I'm hearing you say is that the program doesn't work for that, in which case it's of limited value.  I can fly mountain VFR all day long no problem!