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I will pick my aircraft, and a location, and pretty much every time, when it loads up, the aircraft will just move around.  I tried loading the Cessna at cytz, and as soon as it loaded up, it started flipping and ended up crashing all without me doing a thing.  (I start my aircraft cold and dark)

When I do get the aircraft seated, and start it up and try to move, the plane doesn't respond to rudder movements.  Using the sitek x52, when I try and turn, it does a bit slowly but if apply more rudder, it is like it slams on the breaks and stops, like the brakes are being applied.  The wings will also hit the ground without even moving.

Is there a problem with my installation or is there another problem?

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Please send us your log file to:   Please send me a copy of your ‘Log.txt’ file, which you’ll find inside of your main X-Plane  folder.
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It has been sent.
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Issue has been resolved through help via email and log.txt.

Thank you.
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I think it's a bug or something.

I found a problem with the YAW and differential brakes.

If I exit the sim with differential brakes assignment setted as NONE, when I open the sim again YAW movements also command differential BRAKES. On this instance if I assign the axis to each toe brake (left and right) the sim doesn't take the command. Yaw axis keeps making both brake and yaw. To make the sim read brakes axis and command the brakes you need to restart the sim with the axis (of the brakes) already assigned.


Steps that I do to recreat the fail.


1º I delete differential brakes from it’s axis.

2º close sim

3º open sim again and check that no axis has the brakes setted.

4º create a flight with Cessna 172SP

5º check rudder and it brakes too…

6º assign toe brakes to 2 empty axis

8º check if they are readed… (they aren’t)

9º close sim and open again.

10 check brakes assignment (they are assigned)

11 new flight… brakes work.


Try if this solve brake issues.
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Thanks for your input.  Since this was a new install, and had problems from the demo into the paid version, I took the advice of Laminar since I had nothing to lose.  I must have done something in the demo that it didn't like, and it carried over.

****  this is what I did, it doesn't mean anyone else should do it, since my copy is freshly installed.  I had nothing to lose. ****

I ended up deleting everything from my preference folder, and restarted.  This cleared up my issues, and am now flying no problems.  I re-installed my Saitek x52 and am also using it with no issues.  (I am on a flight right now)


I will keep your feedback in mind, for something to look at in the future if I happen to come across this again.

Thanks again.
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Thank you for the info. I should try if that fix the issue. Will post the results.
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No problem.  If you do decide to try this.  Like I said, I had nothing to lose, as my copy is a fresh start on my computer, and I could only go up from there.  If you are worried about losing info, I suggest backing up the folder.

I also must add, it was in the main xplane folder, then OUTPUT folder, then the preferences folder in there.  I deleted it all, and started anew.

Please don't yell at me if you broke it.   :)