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I am REALLY lost..... Can I update to 10.45r4? I go through Steam and have version 10.42. When I run the installer it says I have 43 mb of new info that needs to be loaded. (non beta btw.) When I go to install it comes up with all kinds of stuff like, do you want to keep old files, overwrite the old file, overwrite every old file in this directory, keep the old file, keep every old file in this directory or simply exit the install. Which do I choose? I have had Steam updates before but it does not show available as of yet. What should I do at this point?

Any help appreciated!

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Hi Jeff,

X-Plane 10.45 is still in beta 1 and I don't believe it is available to Steam users yet due to that. You should still be using 10.42.

If you have modified any of the default files at all, the installer will find them and ask if you want to overwrite your changes or keep them. If you are not aware of any changes you made to default files, I would recommend allowing the installer to overwrite all of them, otherwise it will bug you about it any time you try to update.