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Hi, due to many vacations in a Capital City hospital I lost track of anything computer wise, including X-Plane (shame on me) I finally purchased X-Plane 10 and was told I wouls recieve X-Plane 11 when it arrived.

Unfortunately due to living in the Aussie bush I'm on a rather slow internet connection, plus it's rather limited (no unlimited downloads out here)  So is it possible to purchase the DVD version and xave me the hair pulling which accompanies anything I download. I've had to download some software up to 5 times before I get it to work and even twice would put me over my monthly limit, (I'm a Disabled War Veteran and I'm on a rather measly pension and can't afford a satellite connection.

I don't mind paying extra for the disks and the dongle if that's required.  I look forward to your reply and being able to fly my favourite flight sim.  By the way, I tried to log on under my old membership, but for some reason I keep getting " This page is not available"

Well done with the new release.  Kind regards  Stu Bazley
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The discs are coming soon.  You may have to purchase them separately again, but they come with coded key so a dongle will not be needed.
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I have no problem with paying for and waiting for the disks, but I certainly won't be paying for the software on the disks.  We were promised X-Plane 11, I don't recall anything stating it would be via Disks or Download, but I was expecting an answer to my question re how do we go about arranging a copy.  I'll keep waiting, I'm in no hurry, but then "Him upstairs" may have other ideas as to how long I'll manage to wait :-)

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DUH  Sorry, that's X-Plane not Z-Plane. Old age I think :-) OK, problem sorted please disregard this comment.  The above question is still valid though :-)
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Hi Bluedog

It seems that no-one who knows the answer has responded to your question. I asked it months ago, and I think I was told that the DVD version for x-plane 11 would be available. But looking on the website....I cannot find it. I purchased the digital online version, and the download speeds are terrible for me. I am in Tassie on the NBN, and am downloading some scenery atm at 11 kb/s. I am just trying to download Australia, which is only something like 2.9 gigs, and im half way through, with apparently 32 hours left to download it. lol

Anyway, sorry I cannot offer more help. It was a question I wanted the answer too
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G'day Peter,

Gee, I hope I don't have to wait that long mate. You have my sympathy with your D/L speeds, I wouldn't say mine are spasmodic, they're bad all the time. So much for technology in Australia,  Where was it we stood? something like 35th on the global speed scale and here they are making a complete mess of the Internet with a half baked NBN. I still have up to two years to wait for rotten speeds.  It's not even going to be Fibre to the end of the street, it's now Fibre to a box "somewhere" close (up to 2 km I heard) So basically 21st century to "the Box" and 19th Century to my computer.

Let's hope they can figure out where we stand with a copy of X-plane 11. If it's download only I'll simply stick with 9 and 10. As it stands it looks as if it'll take me 3 to 4 months to download the lot if it's in 1gb chunks. If it's in bigger chunks I wouldn't be able to consider it. It took me 4 goes to download Prepar3D and it was much smaller than x-plane.

Anyway. I've waited for 6 months now, I don't mind waiting a bit longer :-)  I wish you luck in getting your hands on a copy Peter, All the best to you.  Say G'day to my sister Joan next time you bump into her, She's in Hobart. :-)   Cheers   Stu