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I have a nice collection of Steam / Carenado DLC for X-Plane 10

I'd assume that this should pass over to XP11, but suspect if i just 'move' the files across this will break Steam and/or Carenado DRM.

Any ideas on how to continue using the aircraft in XP11?  Some of them are still at 0 hours!

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Most of the payware aircraft built for XP10 will not cross over to XP11.  You will have to purchase them again when the manufacturers issue the XP 11 version.  The price will be set by the 3rd party manufacturers, not or
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That's a pretty disappointing answer.
Finding out that my few hundred dollars worth of recently purchased aircraft can't be used on XP10 will be enough for me to avoid X-Plane in future.
I'd like to think your answer is a guess and not from an official source, can you advise which it is?

I think the safest bet is to hold off in XP11 until Carenado confirm i'll be able to use my existing DLC.
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Most payware can be used on XP 10, the problem is with XP 11.

This is not a guess. This question has been asked and answered at least one hundred times on the forum at   It is common knowledge there that most aircraft will not carry forward without some major rework to conform to the new coding in XP 11. There are some lists that show which aircraft are compatible with XP 11 and which ones are not.

 Some Manufacturers have made upgrades and some are still in the process. Some will be upgraded for free and some will require some sort of payment.  None of this is written in stone yet as everything is still changing day to day.