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Purchased the digital download version of XP11 (Invoice number available upon request)

Purchased the "Professional Use License" via the USB Dongle (Invoice number also available upon request)

When launching XP11 - with properly loaded drivers and the USB dongle in place - the splash screen reports that XP11 is a "Home Use Only".

It makes no reference to the installed (paid for) and apparently fully functional $750.00 key that makes it into a pro-version with the ability to (allegedly) warp and blend the 3-monito views to fit a immersive 3-projector setup.

It merits clarification!


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Did you install the dongle correctly?  The last dongle I purchased did require a special hash program.  There should have been some install notes with it.  I am not officially any part of Laminar so you might write Austen directly for this problem.