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For many years I have been the user of X-Plane 9 on a single monitor.

I have moved to a hose  and intend to build a real flight simulator in my garage.

That is: 1 computer to run X-Plane and 2 more to run a total of 3 overhead DLP short-throw projectors to cover 180 degrees (immersive) Cessna 170 cockpit. plus one monitor in my Cessna cockpit with the MFD/PFD display

I already ordered 3 Lenovo Y900 each one with a NVidia 1800 card.  Now; to the question part...

I understand that I need X-Plane professional to drive 3 PC(s) and have all of them displaying synchronized video each one with its OWN copy of X-Plane. 

Does that means that I need to but 3 licenses of ($750) X-Plane or just one... How that works?

I want to have something just like but with the highest frame rate possible and maximum quality




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One licence per computer running X-Plane... I hope I'm wrong. At my work we have 4 cockpits of entrol simulators. 2 servers, one for fixed wings, and one for rotary. And all the visual pc's have the pro key usb connected to them.

This are 2 of them. Good luck!