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I configured my Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3 in Xplane 11 as toe brakes (clutch for left, throttle for right brake).

The Pedals were connected to the clubsport base v2.5 directly. All works fine.

Then I connected the Pedals directly via USB. I couldnt use the axis like I wanted, so I switched back to the connection to the base. Now, the clutch pedal axis is not being detected in the calibration. (in the gamecontrollersettings of windows, the clutch work)....

The throttle is detected...

I also tried to reinstall Xplane 11. Still not working. I dont think that there is aproblem wih the pedals. Must be a software issue of xplane.

What can I do?

Thank you

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Hi Mitch,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

"What can I do" you ask.  Quite simple.  Install your hardware through X-Plane but delete any software supplied with your item causing your problems and bury it.

It is not a X-Plane software problem.  The message I receive from your question is it is a user installation problem.

X-Plane is unlike any other shoot-em-up games or flight sim packages.  Your hardware will only work if calibrated within X-Plane.  No other way.  Not even through your operating system. 

You need to read the latest version of the manual which can be found here at

Also you should look at the following YouTube video found at

You also need to look at the answer I provided in the following link found at which provides references to Michael Brown's videos.

Consider the message in all of the videos of what to do.  Not the calibration of the specific product. 

The only problem that may arise is your product may not provide a picture as it may not be in the standard suite of throttles already considered.  You will most likely have to start from scratch.  As Michael has said in one of his videos you need to connect your hardware via a USB2.0 connection and not through a USB3.0 connection to gain best effect.

The message that I also strongly offer is make sure when calibrating the hardware you do not assign two or more processes to a single button or lever and also make sure you do not assign two or more buttons to a single process.  If you do, either way, your hardware item will cause problems and not work.  

If you have to calibrate additional items you have to consider each hardware item separately.  No other way.

Good luck.


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I don’t have this Fanatec pedals, looks like it is not designed as a rudder + toe brakes controller for flight sim use.  The following (old) thread from the .org forum suggests it could be problematic.