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I do have a full black screen when XP11 is open, wether selecting flight school, new flight or select previous flight.

Audio can be heard, but it's a full black screen I have. Only the Menu appears.

I've bought XPlane 11 on March 22
​My computer is a  ​brand ​new MacBook Pro OS Sierra V.10.12.


​Thank you to help me in this issue.

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You can check your video card drivers. You can also run the installer and pick the update option for missing files. Also make sure X-Plane is not installed to the Applications folder which can cause permissions issues. At last you can file a bug report here (provide a copy of the log.txt).

You should also edit your post and remove your product key.

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What do you mean by stretches?
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By stretches i mean that if I move my view (ex: right/left ): the plane wings will move as in slow motion mode, the wings or the edges of the plane will be kinda cutted in the view movement.

I have a MacBookPro 2016 / OS Sierra 10.12.3 / 2,9GHz processor Intel Core i5 / 16 Go memory 2133MHz LPDDR3 / Graphic card: Intel Iris Graphics 550, VRAM 1536 Mo , GPU

I have uninstalled/reinstalled XP11, + choosen the exact graphic mode as yours (from your attached image), and the black screen have disappeared. Maybe you could try this if you still have a black screen. I've read on this forum that most Mac users don't get a full render compared to PC users...

How did you do to install all your XP folders+app in your Mac user folder? (mine are all stocked in the Mac Application folder, I can't move them even if I follow XP instructions)
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I've tried to unistall/reinstall it out of the Mac Application folder, but the only path possible to install is the Mac Application .... Can you please provide me some more help to install it out of the Mac Application?
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You can run installer with clean install. By default, X‑Plane will install to the Desktop. Though it can be installed elsewhere (by clicking the Change Destination button), it is strongly recommended that it be placed on the Desktop so that the folder can be found in the future, and so it has correct permission settings. Check destination folder with read/write permissions or move your X-Plane folder to another location. You can read more about installation of X-Plane here.

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ScruffyBaton4: you should review your infos related to a Mac.What you say is related for PCs, not Mac.

FYI, on a Mac (mine is MacBook Pro 2016 OS Sierra V.10.12.) XP is automatically installed by default on the Application folder, not on the Desktop. And as I've pointed earlier in this post, there's no possibility on this OS Sierra to change any destination, the Change destination button doesn't work.

So....XP install automatically into the Application folder. I've done the process to uninstall it with XP's instructions related to that, but it doesn't work. I.e: there's no "logout / saving session....completed" text indicated as such.

What can I do ? Is it possible with a Mac to chang ethis XP folder or not??