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When you install XP11 on a Mac, the folders+app are installed in the Mac appliaction folder.

As advised by XP, I've tried to to Move X-Plane Out of the Mac Applications Folder but it doesn't work, I don't get the the following text in the Terminal window, indicating the script to fix your file permissions has completed, and it’s safe to close the window (logout/saving session...completed. (process completed) )

I have a MacBookPro 2016 / OS Sierra 10.12.3 / 2,9GHz processor Intel Core i5 / 16 Go memory 2133MHz LPDDR3 / Graphic card: Intel Iris Graphics 550, VRAM 1536 Mo , GPU

What should i donow?

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If X-Plane is refusing to move, you can reinstall, however, make sure you uninstall the copy you have now and upon reinstallation, select "Change Destination..." on the installer when prompted, and make sure the folder path is directly on the desktop.

Sorry if that is an inconvenience; if a Mac user on the forums could enlighten me on Mac permissions, that'd be great. 

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It doesn't work neither. I've done twice a reinstallation, with Mac it seems we can't have  a"Change destination" as it will automatically be stored in "Application", there's no other destination possible.
What can I do from there to change the XP folder out of the Application in Mac?
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You can manually clear your DRM cache by deleting the files X-Plane_drm.prf, X-Plane_install_11.txt, X-Plane_XDD.prf. On OS X it’s in users/<username>/Library/Preferences/.
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If I do so, will it change the XP folder out of the Application in Mac + prevent me from any bugs?
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You can run installer with clean install. By default, X‑Plane will install to the Desktop. Though it can be installed elsewhere (by clicking the Change Destination button), it is strongly recommended that it be placed on the Desktop so that the folder can be found in the future, and so it has correct permission settings. Check destination folder with read/write permissions or move your X-Plane folder to another location. You can read more about installation of X-Plane here and about Moving X-Plane Out of the Mac Applications Folder here. As far as I can see here after reinstalling the black screen have disappeared.

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The X-Plane installer defaults to the desktop for any installation. The latest installer will actually not even let you pick the Applications folder as the install location. 

See this KB article for instructions on moving it. Be sure to unzip the file download before continuing past step 1.

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In a Mac we don't have this installation window, see :

and it's not possible to do it even with the KB article ....

I'm in despair ....

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After a help of an IT friend I was able to finally move it out of the Application!

Should I unistall now the old XP application based in the Application?
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By now you have probably deleted the copy from the applications folder.

As long as your Applications folder gives you Read & Write permissions, X-Plane will function correctly.

Your screenshot shows a normal upgrade of X-Plane after the installer found the copy of X-Plane in the Applications folder.  Given that the "Continue" button was lit, you would be good to go.