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X-Plane freezes while using CRJ-200("Not Responding" type of situation).  Running windows 7.  I have tried with and without FMC.  This happens about 10 minutes roughly into flight. Since I'm trying to learn the FMC, I loaded the CRJ running on the runway to save time over cold and dark.  It took me a few minutes to input the data such as pos init, dep/arr airports, stars, thrust limits, etc. then I took off. The plane captured the route, and after it hit FL45, I started to increase the alt to FL230, and that's what I was trying to do when the freeze happened.  It tends to happen roughly in the same area but also about the same time too so I'm not sure if time or location is the contributing factor.  I haven't tried reversing the route.

I have an AMD Radeon HD 6800 series driver version 14.301.1001.0.

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

I just ran it a second time and got farther.  I tried not to touch any controls once it reached FL230.  I went to bring up the FMC panel and it froze at that point.

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Hi rfunesti,

Since the CRJ is a third party plane, I won't be able to help much. I would recommend you notify the creator about the issue. One thing that would be interesting to know if is if this behavior changed between version of X-Plane (10.42 vs 10.36 for example).

If you see this issue with one of X-Plane's default aircraft, please let us know.