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Just installed xplane11 on the SSD of my MacBook Pro(MacOs 10.12.4, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM), including the update. The app is not usable for me. Settings of the joystick are not saved, When the plane appears, every click of the mouse has a delay of 30 sec to infinite and I have to force quit the app.

Xplane10 run without issues on the same machine.
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Hi, what is your GPU? This is the most important element and you can compare with the recommended configuration here :

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Make sure you meet the system requirements. X-Plane 11 is more powerful than X-Plane 10 and requires more CPU/GPU power.

In addition, do not install to the Applications folder.

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Your computer won't handle XP. Your CPU is only 2.3 ghz, whereas the recommend speed is 3.5 ghz. Try to get a better computer since Macs can't handle it since they have bad specs and bad cooling in general. A $2000+ gaming laptop like a Sager could run it flawlessly