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there seems to be a slight lack of explanation. My computers don't even have DVD drives anymore, so the usb key is much better for me, but it seems to suggest a slightly different product.


Thank you!

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The USB key will only unlock X-Plane if you already have purchased and installed via the DVDs. It will allow you to get out of demo mode without DVD 1 in a disc drive.

If you do not have a disc drive, the digital download edition is the best option for installing & running X-Plane. You do not need to purchase anything else to get out of demo mode with that product. You will need a reliable internet connection every week or so in order to authenticate your product key.
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huh, ok, thanks.

The x-plane site is in real need of redesign. it was trying to find the digital download that lead me to the usb key. I sort of ended up believing that was their version of "digital"


Thanks for the help. unfortunately, already ordered a dvd version and an external hard drive. Modernize, x-plane, Modernize!!

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