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I have a new Virtual Fly TQ6. I calibrated it in Windows 10 as instructed, then in X-plane 11 (release version, not a beta copy), but the throttle and mixture don't work in the default C172 or the Airfoil Labs 172. Both flicker when you look at the devices. In X-plane 10.5 it all works just fine. Any ideas? Thanks.

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The other case of this we've seen was caused by multiple axes being assigned to control the throttle. If you have ANY other devices plugged in (USB or COM) check to make sure only one has an axis assigned to "throttle".
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Thanks for your help! I have a yoke (Yoko), Saitek Rudder pedals, and the Virtual Fly TQ6 plugged in, and they are all correctly calibrated according to the calibration window. But perhaps there is a conflict with past equipment even though it is not plugged in? If that isn't possible, then this doesn't seem to be my problem. I got some advice from Virtual Fly, and now have Throttle 2, Prop 2, and Mixture 2 working in the default Baron, but I'm getting flickering in the sim for all three number 1's and none of them affect the left engine (or any engine). Any more ideas?

I can also add that in X-plane 10.5, the throttle, prop, and mixture levers all seem to be working properly in the default Baron, but the plane won't fly, that is, at full throttle it creeps forward very slowly, and this doesn't seem to have anything to do with the brakes or parking brake (as far as I can tell). I don't know if this helps, but at the moment I can't fly in 11 or 10.5, so I'm grounded until I get this figured out. Any more help would be greatly appreciated!
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Please try recalibrating all the devices you are using, then quit & immediately attach the log.txt from the main X-Plane folder.
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I think it was an assignment problem. I changed the name of the output/preferences folder, then went back and recalibrate everything, and the problem was solved. I already posted this so I'm not sure why it isn't showing up. Thanks for the help!