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I've ticked the data output option to show FPS in the cockpit, but the small window that is supposed to be then visible never appears. I've also tried ticking other data items to display, but nothing does. I've tried CHIFT-CTRL-F as well with no luck.


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Which version of X-Plane are you using? Attach screenshots of the data output window and the flight.
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Thanks. It's X-Plane 11. I've attached 2 screenshots - the data output dialog and the cockpit window after clicking 'done' on the settings dialog.

Note: In the data output I had a few other things checked when I took this shot, but still nothing would show in cockpit. When FPS is checked it makes no difference, it just doesn;t show up.

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I've never seen this before and can't reproduce it. Do you have any plugins? Try removing them if so. Other typical troubleshooting steps are running the installer to update and resetting to default preferences by moving, renaming or deleting the entire preferences folder (in the Output folder).

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