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I was hesitant before when trying the demo and I am very very VERY inexperiance but I went out and bought a Logitech 3d pro joystick <<<<--- helps for no0b's like me I take it as keys will be extremley harder I assume.... my main question is this I am from the UK Scotland to be exact if I purchase from this site it states $49.99 dollars so thats American offcourse so because I am in UK Scotland will the copy still work in this region and be a legal copy ???


I really like watching twitch videos and want to experiance all this myself I bought a Dovetail bundle pack which contained Microsoft Flight Sim X and yes I am sad I hate the graphics and the game looks like stone ages so dont use it I only purchased it because on twitch stream it stated it was Microsoft Flight X which if I was you would contact Twitch to see about getting your game added there may increase sales cause yes I was dumb enough to purchase the wrong game lmao but all in all whats the rules because I cant find a legitimate UK site for this game ?????


Also one last question and be honest whats the recommendations about the joystick I bought for this game be honest bad or good ? cause I have no clue just went with what guy told me in store !

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HI Semper,

Welcome to the world of X-Plane.

Do your conversion rates between US dollars and British Pound.  I think you will find the UK supplier mentioned below will still be more expensive as they will have their mark up and other internal costs as well.

Don't waste your money on a "Steam" version.  This is a 3rd party company that has no connection with the developers, Laminar Research (LR).  LR have done all of the development work and this 3rd party company is taking a financial advantage of that development with no input.  Laminar Research offers no support for the Steam version.

At this stage XP11 is only available as a digital download LR.  For me personally I am waiting for the boxed version.  Should you decide to go for the full digital download it will take time so be patient.

The genuine LR version, when installed, and provided you tick the relevant boxes, will be automatically updated every time you start XP.  This is the situation with a disc version as well.  From other readings in this forum Steam version updates/upgrades will have some delays.  

I understand the current version is a "global" edition with some restrictions on where you live ie if live above the 40 degree parallel latitude, north of the equator, then you may not be covered for scenery ie if you want to fly locally otherwise you will need to select other airports further south in the UK.

There are other postings in this forum where this has become an issue for those living in the vicinity of Norway, but I understand LR are working on that problem.  Raise the question of your locality directly with LR at the following link [email protected]    Randy should be able to help.  By the way, ask when the boxed disc set will be available.

If you go for the digital download make sure you have a full backup kept in a safe place.  When XP installs it will be in its own directory.  The program does not load into other areas/directories like some programs do within say Windows.  It is a standalone file structure.

Here is a link for the UK that I know sells X-plane but they are taking orders at present.  They may also want to sell you a "Steam" version.  The link is at    The company is in Bristol,  Bob and Carol should be able to assist.  Their contact details are available on the home page I have referenced above.

Are you aware that XP11 is a 64 bit system whereas the software you already have is only 32 bit.  As you say you intend to test the download first.  Good move as it will also advise you on whether it will work or not on your existing PC.  If it is old then most likely it will be 32 bit.

I could go into a lot of other info about a computer system.  Have a look at , Go for the recommended rather than the minimum requirements

If you are in the market or need to purchase a new PC have a look at    Michael is the recommended PC supplier by LR in the USA.  In this instance initially disregard his comments about yokes and pedals but take on board his comments about what type of pc to purchase.  The yokes and pedals can come at a later date as you become addicted to flight simulation..  MIchael has a lot of other useful information which helps you to further develop your system.  Have a look at the following link at   

My thoughts on the Joystick.  I have the same unit but replaced it with another unit.  I am of the opinion that it is one of the low end units available. However, there are other flight simmers who use this forum who have the same unit and fly successfully.  My suggestion is to use the Logitech unit and if you get "hooked" on flight simming  then progress to a more advanced or better quality units as described by MIchael above..   With the unit you have you will need to program the "keys and buttons" to get it to work effectively. 

Hope this helps and good flying.


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Thanks for the advice so from what I gather X-Plane 11 might not be available in my area yet......

Also new computer I never ever stated I had a 32 bit pc at all I just built my own machine its only been live for 3 weeks information below lol



OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Motherboard: ASUS Z270-M Plus Prime
Processor: Intel I-Core 7 7700K 4.2 GHZ (5.0GHZ Overclockable)
Ram: 16 GIG Corsair Vengance LPX
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060 Strix ROG GDDR5 6 GIG
HHD: Main -> 500 gig SSD (Samsung Evo 850) Slave -> 1tb wd blue 64 mb cache 3.5" hdd
Cooling System: Corsair H55 Water Cooled
Monitors: Just bought yesterday 2x Acer 24" LED Model Number (RT240Y)
K/B / Mouse: Pathica Core Gaming K/B Decus gaming mouse
Wheel: Logitech G920 With H-Shifter and pedals clutch included
Corsair Wirless headset with built in lights I can go on and on and on


so yea I know I have a good setup and can easily handle this game I just wanted to know if I can buy it from here and it be legal is all :)
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Hi Semper,

Only too pleased to help.

Your new PC specs are faster than mine.  You should get some good experiences from Flight Sim and car racing.  The only reason I mentioned the specs required for a PC was my interpretation of you being a "noobs".

Have a look at the following  to determine if you are below the 60 degree north latitude.  Depending on the screen image size you may need to scroll down to see the location in degrees-minutes-seconds.  I tried Inverness (my family roots area) and it falls inside the limits.  As I suggested contact Randy Witt to confirm if your residential area is covered in the scenery.  Although there is a 16 hour time difference between me and Randy, I find a quick response the next time I check emails.  At times his responses have been on the weekend.  Currently I am 9 hours ahead of you down under.

If you download XP from LR it will be a legal copy.  If you purchase from the Bristol link it would be legal.  Bob and Carol promote the use of XP in selling their products.

As mentioned above Michael provides "good" information.  Also have a look at this site for other good information.        

Enjoy the experience and safe flying.


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Hi everyone,

Just one word to say that the 60° latitude thing was a bug that is now fixed.

And yes, you can buy you LR licence from anywhere in the world. Just make sure your internet connection is good enought for you to download 70Gb of data. Otherwise it is better to wait for the Laminar Research DVD version. (No Steam, please!!)

All the best,

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Ah maybe I never made it clear enough I mean n00b as in I have never even played 1 hour of a flight simulator I am more of a COD / Battlefield / Uknown players Battlegrounds / H1Z1 KOTK / Euro Truck Sim 2/  Euro Fishing / American Truck sim so forth I have never really used a flight simulator hence n00b comment sorry for not making that clear.... But I watch people on X-Plane 10 on twitch and I am amased by it and want to do it but I feel since 11 recently got released in February so best to get latest one out and I will check I'm from Aberdeen which is about 105 miles from inverness :)


Just checked that site I am

57° 8' 58.9812'' N
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Hi Semper,

The boxed disc version should be available from in approximately three weeks

Happy flying