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Is there any way to configure an Xbox One or 360 controller so that the trigger buttons control yaw correctly?

That way, when both trigger buttons are NOT being pressed, the rudder is centered, but when the right trigger is pressed, the rudder should move to the right, and when pressing the left trigger, the rudder moves to the left.

Right now I can only assign Yaw to one trigger button at a time.  I want to be able to assign Yaw to work with BOTH trigger buttons.  If I try to assign Yaw to both, only one of the trigger buttons work, and the other is ignored.

Is there a way to fix this?

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There is not a way to assign yaw to multiple buttons or axes in X-Plane.
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That makes sense.  It looks like the XBox 360 controller uses 1 axis for both triggers.  The XBox One controller separates the triggers, each to their own axis.  Which is why someone reported that with a 360 controller, they were able to successfully assign the trigger buttons the way I expected (  Now I need to figure out if there is anyway we can get the XBox One controller to behave the same way as the 360 controller so that X-Plane doesn't separate the triggers into their own axis.