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I have a really irritating problem, whenever I'm going to taxi with every plane, even if I dont touch my controls, the plane starts going to the left, a sharp left.. Anyone else has this problem? I've already reinstalled it twice, no solution... I hope some one can help me!
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I would also try to delete the preference files as described here :

(make sure you have the latest X-plane release also, just in case)
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My trim ruddr value is always almost 0.0000, but my ruddr surf value (dont know what that is) starts at 0.0050 and when the plane accelerates it goes up... 

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surf = surface, means how much is it move off center by the sim. (By trim for example or the turbulence) Edit: This may be my misconception.

your commanded inputs are from yoke1

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"your commanded inputs are from yoke1" What do you mean?


And I've had the weather all clear, no wind, no 737 takeing off in front of me and causing turbulence... So the Sim itself is re adjusting the rudder... For nothing... ?
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In my setup, joysticks inputs are from yoke1. But I can't reproduce your problem. My rudder inputs are 0.0000 when centered. Can you save a short replay and share it?

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Ty an external view that allows to view at the rudder. I prefer to look from behind and above while taxiing. Watch for unusual rudder movements.
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The rudder and frontwheel dont move at all... Only if I use my joystick to move them.
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Could you say what hardware (joystick), operative system, add-ons active, plugins?
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Thrustmaster T-Flight sitck x, no addons or plugins, operative system you mean windows or somethings? Windows 10...