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I did just install X plane 10 on my Mac, but realised that it didn't notice my Saitek Joystick which was plugged in via an USB port. When I opened   "settings>joystick and equipment" did I notice that the page was all blank where I used to select pitch, throttle, flaps, yaw, trim etc for my saitek levers. (Picture)

Does anyone know how to fix this problem, or if its me doing something wrong, what then?


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Hi Albin,

The first thing to try is unplugging the joystick and plugging it back in while X-Plane is running. Sometimes if you are running additional software, such as a USB driver, or any type of manager program from Saitek, it can cause problems as well.
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Thanks for the answer!

After I posted my question, I tried if the joystick worked on my other computer where I also have X-plane. But it couldn't detect it there either. So I was starting to suspect that it was my joystick who was broken, not the game. Now, I have tried it in a couple of other games and no one could detect it, so I guess that it´s broken.

It´s actually celebrating 20 years soon so maybe its not so strange that it broke down ;)

So, well, its time for me to start looking for another one...

Anyhow, thanks for the answer again!