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To practice landing the F4-E phantom, I select my airport on the Map. Using the Move feature, I select my runway's Final Approach. X-Plane sets me on the approach, 3 nm out, 1000 feet AGL, at about 200 k. My throttle is already back at Idle. Right away I select Gear down, and Speedbrake down.

The runway is in my windshield. As I descend, the airspeed increases to 300 k, and I float over the runway, wondering how to get down. At the far end of the runway, I gradually pull up to avoid the terrain, and maybe climb another 1000 feet AGL, and the airspeed keeps speeding up to 320 or more.

Throttle is still idle, but it won't slow down!
What do I have to do to get this monster onto the ground?
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Same happened to me. I think it has a parachute to stop it. I'll research a bit now.
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LOL good one!
Yes the F4 has a drag-chute, just like all the real fighter jets.
On landing, as soon as the wheels are on the ground, you deploy the chute, and it's a very effective slow-down until your jet is slow enough for the wheel brakes to work. Then you eject it, right on the runway, and ground service will pick it up and re-pack it.

X-Plane has the command "Deploy/jettison chute" so I assigned it to "d". Hit "d" once, and the chute unfurls. It takes about 2 seconds. Hit "d" again, and the chute is re-loaded, ready to go again.

I can deploy the drag-chute while flying, and it slows me down really well!

But it seems desperate to use this, on final approach?

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OK I found the answer.
When you start the Approach and X-Plane puts you up there, it assumes a lot of things, including your altitude and speed.
I always set my throttle to idle before I go. But XP assumes it is correct for the speed, about 50% power. So I'm trying desperately to slow down, and XP's engine is still blazing away.

The fix is to physically move the throttle after the scenario starts. With that, XP will see the throttle move and the rest of glideslope is under control.