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I was mid-flight when X-Plane crashed/became unresponsive. On re-starting, a full screen window loads up, which is black, and it stays like that. If I click on it the "Program not responsive" window pops up and I have to close it. I do not get to the menu, and I don't even see a load screen. When I look in task manager, it is using 0% CPU and 103.5-103.7MB memory. I obviously know the set up (addons etc) is not the problem as X-Plane has been running and flyable right up to this crash. I have tried running the installer to check if any files were corrupted but it didn't find anything. The log file (attached), doesn't seem to help much, it just seems like it stops abruptly. Any ideas? Is there a configuration file I should try deleting or something?

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I would still recommend that you remove all addons & plugins and see if it lets you start the sim again. Otherwise, move, rename or delete the entire preferences folder to restore defaults to see if you have a corrupt preference.
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It turned out to be an internet related issue, ran fine once I disconnected my PC from the internet, and have fixed it now, but thanks for the suggestions.