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Just curious if LR had plans to add sensitivity adjustments to brake axis'?  On a lot of aircraft (especially ones that use differential braking for taxi) the brake axis is way too sensitive.  When using the CH Pro pedals, it's nearly impossible to make smooth turns as the slightest input on the axis seems to apply way too much pressure.  This results in a lot of fishtailing down the taxiway.

There are quite a few forum posts regarding this going back quite some time and was curious if LR is aware of this issue?
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I would also be happy with a planemaker cfg setting for brake pressure on specific aircraft so it could be tailored - however I'm unfamiliar if there is a setting for it in the CFG.

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Have you tried adjusting the joystick control response or stability augmentation? Those are the only settings I'm aware of in X-Plane that adjust sensitivity.

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Yes.  Seems to have little to no effect.
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The current available adjustment sliders within X-Plane 11 do not effect the toe brake axis.