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I have gotten WED to work great ( 1.2 w/ XPlane 9.7). Absolutely no issues until this morning. Now when I try to load apt.dat files I now get an error message:  unable to read apt.dat file,'C: documents and settings\owner\Desktop\XPlane9\Resources\default scenery\default apt.dat -- illegal version(line2).

So now no preloaded airport data will load.

Not sure what to do? Please advise...



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Why don't you use the new WED 1.6b2 instead? You can export for X-plane 9.7 with that version too, and it will handle the significant amount of new features like Ramp start parameters and ground traffic. It is a very stable version.

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I just downloaded your suggestion and I get the same, exact, error message. It just will not load the apt.dat files for the pre-installed airports anymore. I have no idea how to fix this nor how this got started? I completely uninstalled the previous version/s too before I did the install.

Thanks for your suggestion though.
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Do you run WED in window mode? Some problems have been reported with full screen mode.
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On this page :

-click on "Scenery tools (including WED)"

-Search for "illegal"

You will find 8 entries, 3 of which are directly related to your problem :

Laminar Research now strongly recommends to import airports from the gateway via the built in function.