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Why do I have to keep entering the CD key into the game every few days? This is really frustrating. Also, when internet connection is lost, I can't even play the full demo. I tend to play games when I lose the internet, so what's the point of having this game when I can't even play it when there's no internet? Since when is a single player game internet-dependent? Really bad design.

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The main limitation to using a digital download product key is that it has to be re-verified regularly to prevent piracy.  

One of the requirements for our digital download products on their store pages is a reliable internet connection. If you're connected to the internet when X-Plane tries to re-authorize the key, it should happen in the background and you may never notice it again.

Even if it is not able to authorize every time, X-Plane should allow you a grace period of a week I believe before you must be connected to the internet to authorize. If it happens again you can attach a copy of the log.txt so we can look at the error.